Pole photography is a tried and tested system whereby a high-resolution digital camera is mounted on a pneumatic telescopic mast which is fitted to a vehicle and will reach up to heights of 20 metres, subject to favourable weather conditions. This camera is remotely controlled from our iPad ground station to allow full flexibility and viewing of the subject matter prior to taking even the first image.

The advantages of a pole are the extra height and robustness of the mast system and its lower cost compared to an aerial option. Our custom built mast system is mounted on our branded Nissan X-Trail SUV – wherever we can get the vehicle, we can deploy the mast.   Typical assignments where we regularly use pole photography are residential and commercial properties, both established and knock downs, vacant land, retail parks, industrial estates and golf courses. A photographic pole is also very useful in highly populated areas close to towered airports when we are unable to fly legally due to Civil Aviation restrictions.

Elevated Pole Photography Gallery